Composite Manhole Covers

Produced in accordance with EN 124 standard, D400, C250, B125, A50, A15 classes . Thanks to its superior properties such as ease of installation , high strength , corrosion resistance , chemical resistance,thermal and electrical insulation and anti-thieving properties for construction, fuel (petrol stations), water and sewage applications.

KMH-100 Manhole Cover Ø 600 mm

KMH-300 Manhole Cover Ø 600 mm

KMH-301 Manhole Cover A15

KMH-301 Manhole Cover Ø 600 mm

KMH-400 Square Manhole Cover 500X500mm

KMH-500 Rectangular Manhole Cover 600x800mm


KMH-402 Square Manhole Cover 760x760mm

KMH-300 Manhole Cover Ø 900 mm

KMH-402 Square Manhole Cover 900x900mm